People are raving about Omira Grill in Santa Fe and with good reason.  It’s an innovative idea borne out of ZiggyRzig’s love of international foods.  On the site of his former, highly regarded, international foods market, Omira Grill is a meat lovers paradise.  Styled as a Brazilian grill, the meats are succulent and delicious.  However, Ziggy has added a twist.  He’s got 4 chefs at the grill with worldly specialties.  There’s the Brazilian, of course, but there’s also Caribbean and Southeast Asian chefs and Ziggy brings his Mediterranean and North African spice into the mix.   So, the meats, brought to the table, hot off the grill and perfectly cooked, include jerk chicken, Tokyo beef, panko breaded pork, filet mignon.  Oh, I could go on.

Yes, it’s a meat lover’s paradise but vegetarians could live at the hot/cold bar.  Kale salads, marinated mushrooms, tomato olive pasta, fingerling potatoes in cream sauce, along with Cuban beans, basmati rice and fresh soups (and inexplicably, a delicious chicken curry) – all farmers market fresh and sourced locally.

One of the delectable things about the menu is no spice of any dish overwhelms or destroys the flavors in another.  Those chefs must work VERY well together, indeed.

Along with the talented kitchen staff, Ziggy chose to work with a sommelier to create his wine list.  I was lucky enough to reserve a rare Vouvray, a few cases of which had been found in the back of a store room somewhere, one case of which made its way to Santa Fe, to the Omira Grill.  It was a delight.

If you want to get into Omira’s without a wait, you’d better hurry – many publications in Santa Fe and beyond are soon to break the news about this great new culinary find in Santa Fe.