I’m seldom in a situation where I can’t come up with a plan of action but this has me stymied.  Scott hasn’t called back – how can he?  My phone is dead and I’m pretty sure my rude acquaintance isn’t going to relay any messages. 

“Randy, I’m truly at a loss.  I don’t know what to do.”

After some discussion it is decided Randy will hike to the border and ask the California Border Patrol for assistance.  He doesn’t want to leave me alone in the car but I am quite confident I can hold my own against aggressive, rude vendors.  In fact, right now I’m spoiling for a fight.  There’s one problem however.  The doors won’t unlock.  We finally figure out how to open the door and Randy, one last uncertain look at me, heads to the border.

I keep my head down.  I’ve found that I can text to the US on my phone and there’s just enough power for people to text me back.  I’m not exactly texting, “If you never hear from me again…. messages but it occurs to me that at least three people know where I was last seen.  It is somewhat comforting.

I hear a tap on the window.  I look up to see another vendor.  He has a kind face and seems to be sincere.  I have to open the door slightly because I can’t roll down the window.

“Yes?”  I look at him.

“You need help?  I help.”

He doesn’t call me mama.

“I get you a battery.  Five dollars.  I get you a battery.”

“I don’t need a battery.”

“You need a battery.  I get you a battery.” 

“I don’t need a battery.”                               

He sighs with the stupidity of this gringa before him.  “Look senora. You need a battery.  I get you a battery.”

“No thank you.  I don’t need a battery.”  I close the door and resume texting.  When I look up again, I see the aggressive vendor, the $150.00 to push me to the border vendor pass by, look in and scowl at me. 

Randy returns from the border crossing to tell me that the CBP can’t do anything until we get to the border.  So we sit.  We’re in denial of what’s going to have to happen.  We’re going to have to be pushed to the border.  Vendors continue to show us their wares through our windows as if our only concern was buying a giant crucifix for our home in San Diego.

We’re getting around to the idea, that as insane as it appears, our only option is to have someone push us to the border.  That with all our prep, with AAA, with a good car, good friends, a home in New Mexico, good deeds, we’re good people for heaven’s sakes! – we are at the mercy of someone who is going to have to push us to the border!

And he arrives.  

Yes, we got across the border.  Here’s how our savior did it…..TO BE CONTINUED…..