Lamb burger at Jambo's

Lamb burger at Jambo’s

I’m sitting here at Jambo’s in Santa Fe, an African/Caribbean café and I’m taking pictures of the beautiful food. I’m inhaling the aroma of all the beautiful spices and drinking a South African white wine called Goats Do Roam. Even if it’s got a really cute name, the wine is deeply complex and wonderful and I’m very happy.

Is my whole life about food and wine? And if it is would it be so bad?

I’m reading this great book, “In the Devil’s Garden: A Sinful History of Forbidden Food.” Throughout written history food has been demonized and glorified. We have gorged and starved ourselves in the name of some cause or another. Food speaks to us deeply and of many things. It sustains us. It gives us pleasure. We gather around food. We add music, art and light to enhance the experience. We clink our glasses in toasts to add the ringing of crystal tones.

At its best, eating is a joyful, sensuous experience. It connects us to each other and the physical world.

So yeah, my whole life is about food and wine and joy. It’s about art and music. Lucky me. Without our daily bread, there would be no enjoyment of anything.

So rejoice! Be Happy! Eat well!