Lincoln, Nebraska:

US capital cities on map series: Lincoln, Nebraska, NE

our last two nights on the road. Lincoln, NE. A motel 6, a nice new one. By far the nicest we’ve stayed. Motel 6 advertises themselves as a pet friendly motel chain, This one certainly was. We marched right through the lobby with all our pets’ paraphernalia while the night manager held the door. We found it online as a no frills budget motel but I found it to be really quite nice with secure wifi. A minimalist vibe, the room had wood laminate floors, easy to clean, hard to damage. The beds were on pedestals. No place for cats to hide. A little half circle table attached to the wall underneath the big screen TV with 2 50s style chairs, a banquette in the corner. Spacious, clean, comfortable.

There was no food in walking distance, but I found a delivery service. Two fun and interesting women arrived at our door with food from the service’s many selections. Enough food for dinner and the next day, all settled for 2 days. New friends, too. Jo and McKenzie were thoughtful enough to text me to see if we’d made our trip safely. We’re hoping they’ll come to visit here.

Reading, writing, eating, animals happy. no need to drive for a day and half, hold up in an ice cold motel while the heat rages outside. Blessed relief.

Still the packing up…I am determined to make this our last day on the road. Phone says less than 10 hours to Trimble. We are on our way again.

Thank you motel 6, 6501 street, Lincoln for a wonderful stay. Jo and McKenzie we expect a visit. And so we pull into Trimble on 6/12. Just 8 days after we left Oxnard.

Our new home at dusk

It seemed a lot longer…