Many of us in Ojo Caliente are thrilled that the Red Mountain Café is here.  David Biggs café fills that place between the high end (and excellent) restaurant at the Mineral Springs hotel and the local New Mexican restaurants along the highway.  He bakes his own bread for his sandwiches, makes a great pizza and always has one of his great soups warming in a Felipe Ortega bean pot.  And I am also happy to report that you can get fresh vegetable juices, smoothies or a great coffee, espresso or cappuccino.

I could go on.  OK, I’ll mention a few more of his regulars:  best brownies ever, a great quiche with an almond flour crust and he recently added a gluten free pizza crust to the menu.

bakery case in red mountain    

In warm months, the tomatoes and cucumbers are right from the garden out back of the café.  I was wandering out there the other day and picked a perfect, tiny, sweet strawberry from his patch.  (I didn’t think he’d mind….)

For those of us who are still giving directions like:  “Turn left at the oleTacoBell.” (it’s all run together, one word and hasn’t been a Taco Bell in years), I can tell you that Red Mountain Café is where the old Poppy’s Restaurant used to be, up on the highway, past the road to the Mineral Springs. The place has been revamped and the food is fresh, healthy and delicious.

vegetables for our juices yum!  salad and quiche at the cafe

I hope it becomes a gathering place for more of us locals. It has for me.  Lila and I were in there one day only to run into an old friend and make some new ones.  This weekend there was a jazz duo playing.  I’m looking forward to more to come.  David, I love what you’re doing and I look forward to spending a lot of time and cappuccinos down there eating your great food.