Las Vegas

The Red Rock Casino and Spa is quite luxurious.  Our room is on the 15th floor.  One thing about Vegas, food and lodging are usually relatively inexpensive.  Our room has a bathroom almost the size of some motel rooms I’ve stayed in. The (faux?) marble tub is enormous and there’s a separate shower.  There’s a TV on a pedestal over the.   Tub.  The tub has  wide sides so you can sit the remote comfortably by your hand.  Unfortunately, the TV doesn’t work.  Someone must have gotten it wet….

The guest services book is a hefty notebook – there are 10 restaurants in the complex plus a food court and in room dining.  Randy (the spouse of the attendee) could have gotten a massage where someone holds onto bars in the ceiling and walks on his back.  Blurb says it’s a massage invented by Buddhist monks.  Who walked on their backs? Did they walk on each other’s backs?  Who will walk on Randy’s back?  A tiny Asian woman?  A tiny Asian man?  A Buddhist monk?  Or maybe a moonlighting Cirque de Soleil acrobat…

I encourage Randy to try it but he opts for the lap pool (one of several pools at Red Rock). I sit in a conference from 9 to 6 every day.  Those spa services sounded mighty fine to me.

Because of my time constraints we ate in the room several times.  The food was good and they brought it on a rolling table with a flower and everything.  None of that sitting on the side of the bed balancing a tray at the Red Rock.

We did eat at the Chop House in the complex our last night there.  Randy had the prime rib and gave me a few bites.  It was delectable.  I had a California salad.  I forget what made it Californian – usually it’s avocado.  I think big meat restaurants tend to think Californians eat a lot of salad so they name anything raw and vegetable Californian. Had a glass of a New Zealand Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc.  As you can see from the picture, the servers were busty and beautiful.  Also, great servers – knowledgeable, friendly. And happy.  They’re probably making lots of money.  Prime rib, potato, my salad and a glass of wine was over $100.00.  I haven’t been to a steak house recently but it seemed high.  Especially in Vegas where food and lodging are usually cheap.  But we WERE at a restaurant right next to the high stakes poker room.  Winners would want to celebrate with a big piece of meat and an expensive whiskey.

glamour and food in las vegas  prime rib and the chop shop

On to Los Angeles in the morning.