Truck seen in the side mirror, Southern California, USA

Despite only 6 hours on the road this first day, I am tired and questioning my judgement. Maybe I didn’t think this through as well as I should have. I have, by coming this way, doubled the mileage and the hours it will take us to get to our new home.

It will be fun remember? We’re not on a set schedule,

But the unpacking? In my mind’s eye it was all so easy. In reality we’re hot, we’re tired and Noche is mad as a cat can be. “I’ll punish you for this,” he says with those slanted green eyes and a loud growl. “Shhh, be quiet” I growl back. I didn’t tell the motel we had a cat.

The unpacking has to be carefully orchestrated. It’s too hot to leave anyone in the car. So first the animals: birds in their carriers, Noche in his, Zorr on his leash. Then comes dog food, cat food, bird food. Portable litter box. litter, bowls for all. Then back for our suitcases, toiletries, computer bags, Zorr’s bed. Despite my (I thought) excellent planning, it takes 3 trips to get us settled in the room.

Everyone but us fed and watered, we fall into bed. Lunch time Subway sandwiches will have to sustain us. How will I ever do this tomorrow?


The next morning…..

I’m not sure who suggested that we incorporate a visit to friends in Eugene with our trip back east. Believe me I hold no ill will toward you. Here I am wondering about my sanity and my fitness for this trip. It’s close to 100 degrees here in Northern Ca. But then Texas must be hell itself.

Carefully we reverse our unloading process: luggage, animal bowls, food and paraphernalia, dog bed on top, canvas kennel on top of that and carefully slam down the cover. Animals and computers in cab so I can turn on the AC, Once out of the room, all traces of people and animals gone (we’re very good guests), we breathe a sigh of relief and head out.